Our Mission

About 7% of all trash cleaned out of our oceans are plastic straws. Plastic straws pollute our oceans and kill marine life. 
Why We Created Zip-C?
Seattle, Washington recently banned the use of non reusable plastic straws and utensils in restaurants and bars starting in July 2018. The plastic straw ban has already reached other cities and states such as; New York City, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Florida, and etc. It WILL spread across the entire nation/world soon. We desired to come up with a solution not only for the restaurants and  bars but also for the straw users themselves. We hoped to provide them with a guilt free way to use their straws that would also be friendly to the environment. We also wanted them to have the satisfaction of knowing that their straws can ACTUALLY be cleaned inside and out.
Our Mission Statement
To create a safe, reusable, and innovative straw that will help eliminate the mess. Zip-C straw was created to change the way all of us use and think of a straw and to bring awareness of our everyday impact on the world. We made it simple so it can simply be used over and over guilt free.